Outdoor Services


Complete Landscaping is North’s Bay quality option for landscaping services. Our team has the requisite industry experience, expertise and attitude to handle any lawn project you could possibly imagine. We handle lawn maintenance, installation of natural or synthetic turf as well as landscaping features that can be a major value-add for your property. Complete Landscaping understands that no matter how much character your outdoor space has, it always comes back to the quality of the lawn. Let our team handle this important element of your back or front yard, and become the envy of all of your neighbours. 

Natural Turf Vs. Synthetic Turf

We are lawn experts, and are confident installing both natural and synthetic turf installations. There are pros and cons to either solution and we are happy to walk you through this important decision. Synthetic lawns for instance have no requirement for watering systems, are low-maintenance and created from recycled materials. They boast incredible longevity which is important in a Northern Ontario winter. Natural lawns, on the other hand, can be beautiful and lush in their own right – everyone loves the smell of a freshly mown lawn! We have the tools and know-how to guide you with your natural lawn refurbishment or replacement, and we make certain that you have everything you need to maintain your lawn well into the future. Our expert team is comfortable with either installation; all that matters is that you are happy with your decision.

Don’t put off this decision any longer and get the beautiful lawn of your dreams that will have your neighbours talking. Give us a call and book a consultation.