Complete Landscaping offers demolition services for commercial, industrial, residential, municipal and construction needs in the North Bay region. We can accommodate a wide-range of demolition projects, due to our extensive industry knowledge, experience and commitment to doing good work. Our expert team prioritizes environmental protection, and ensures that any hazardous materials or demolition waste are removed from the site and disposed of appropriately. Additionally, we attempt to recycle as much of our demolition waste as possible. 

Each demolition project is different, whether it’s demolishing an old building, or large-scale demolition. We will discuss with you to ensure we are using the right tools for the job, from beginning to end. Before we begin, we will ensure that all utilities have been shut off, that any hazards are identified well ahead of time, and that all proper permits have been acquired. Furthermore, at Complete Landscaping, we continually re-assess the needs of the project as we go, and your considerations are paramount in our step-by-step process. We take your concerns seriously. 

We are committed to giving you the best rate possible for your demolition project – we will not be underbid. You can feel secure knowing that your demolition project is handled quickly, efficiently, safely and at a minimum of cost.