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Boulder & Rock Work

If you’ve ever embarked on a scenic hike around North Bay, you’re well aware that a truly natural landscape extends beyond the confines of a meticulously groomed lawn and vibrant flowerbeds. Nature’s essence is encapsulated in its rocky, rugged terrain and inherent beauty, a concept we at Complete Landscaping have embraced wholeheartedly. Our expertise lies in the art of dry set boulder and rock work, enabling us to craft breathtaking natural landscapes right in your own backyard. The strategic placement of a well-chosen boulder can transform the very essence of an outdoor space, establishing natural focal points that are bound to become conversation starters among your guests.

But our vision for rocks transcends mere aesthetics. We specialize in functional rock installations that blend utility with natural beauty. Our portfolio includes everything from custom-designed stone furniture to innovative pizza ovens, and extends to sophisticated outdoor kitchens. Leverage our profound expertise, extensive experience, and superior resources in sourcing and meticulously placing boulders that complement and enhance your natural space.

Our collaboration with you is key in developing the perfect rock plan tailored to your personal paradise. With an eye for detail, we carefully consider every aspect of the rock — its face, curves, and jagged edges — ensuring it perfectly integrates with your landscape. Our connections with top-notch quarries guarantee access to the ideal stones to make your backyard truly ‘rock’. At Complete Landscaping, customization isn’t just an option; it’s a standard. We are committed to fulfilling your vision, and our guarantee of satisfaction extends beyond the completion of the project. Our rock installations are built to endure, echoing the permanence of nature itself, and this commitment is backed by our robust 2-5 year warranty.

Elevate the allure of your backyard with the unmatched aesthetic appeal of natural stone. Infuse your outdoor space with a slice of North Bay’s rugged beauty.

Contact us at Complete Landscaping in North Bay to transform your landscape into a natural masterpiece that reflects the essence of the wild, right at your doorstep.